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There are a number of issues when it comes to home defense, especially in an era of doom preppers, and sometimes it requires consultation with a lawyer to ensure that the methods being used are legally acceptable. While most of these are singular consultations, making it difficult for those doing the accounting for lawyers, the long-term cases involving self-defense can at least make life interesting for the lawyers involved and provide the bread and butter for most home defense lawyers. Given the range of cases possible it requires a certain range of knowledge, and can make for a very challenging career. 

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Most people are familiar with the self-defense aspect of home defense. While it can appear to be very simple cases there are enough nuances to make it interesting. While most cases are relatively black and white, where an intruder intrudes into a space and the person living there attempts to mount a credible defense that sometimes results in n unfortunate accidents, others are not so simple. It can get interesting when the parties involved are married or there are informal agreements regarding access, and there are always those accidents when someone is attacked by complete accidents. It is these latter cases that make things interesting.

There are, of course, those rare cases where the lawyer is consulted in order to ensure the client that his home defense will not get him into legal trouble. These are not just limited to personal weapons or surveillance questions, but the question of whether or not a particular device is legally acceptable, especially if it is a trap or other non-standard device. A lawyer is being consulted in order to determine if the device in question will pass legal muster, and thus keep the person implementing it from going to prison. Again, these are usually rare one-off cases, but they can nonetheless make for an interesting afternoon.

These cases can make life interesting for accounting for lawyers. The self-defense cases sometimes require long-term billing, especially if there are any kind of interesting wrinkles in the case or the defendant is impoverished. On the flip side, the rare one-time consultations make life interesting because those clients are rarely interested in pursuing a long-term relationship. While this can make for some interesting cases it can can make for some challenging accounting. Nonetheless, home defense lawyers do have a lot of interesting challenges to deal with, making for an interesting career at the very least.